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quietearth [Celluloid 03.25.08] movie news samurai

Another from Twitch today.. coming soon, and apparently following in the footsteps of samurai revenge films like Shogun Assassin (Lone Wolf and Cub) and Kill Bill.. Geisha vs. Ninjas! Check the summary after the break! Can't wait for a trailer.

"She dances beautifully and defeats enemies ... After “Resident Evil” and “Kill Bill”, new touch of martial action movie of beautiful Japanese woman is born! Go Ohara, the action director of “Death Trance” created his latest movie, a revenge action drama about a beautiful geisha! To take revenge for the murder of her father, a beautiful geisha duels with a number of assassins. This is a new Japanese action movie in which geishas, ninjas, samurais and bonzes are fighting. Can she really avenge her father’s death?"

via Twitch

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