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quietearth [Celluloid 03.24.08] movie news horror

Based on the short story of the same new by Edgar Allan Poe and starring one of my personal favorites and soon to be in half the movies ever made, Wes Bentley is "Johnathon, who becomes involved with a graduate student, Ligeia. She's dying of cancer and in trying to defeat death, she has been experimenting with forbidden ways to capture the human soul and to take the energy of stolen souls so to empower her own soul... so it can take over other living bodies after being forced out of its own, by death. The gothically beautiful, but scheming Ligeia tricks Johnathon's fiancee into breaking up with him. Jonathan and Ligeia fall in love-partly due to the mind control power she has developed. Their mutual obsession extends beyond her dramatic death." The film is being directed by what looks like newcomer Michael Staininger and is set for release some time this year. Check after the break for pics!

All from Mackenzie Rosman's fansite.

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Marina (14 years ago) Reply

"personal favorites and soon to be in half the movies ever made, Wes Bentley" we're in total agreement there. Bentley and Speedman are on my watch list.

And those pictures look quite good. And wow, has little Ruthie from 7th Heaven come far in a few years!


Matt (14 years ago) Reply

This was shot in St. Louis. Our lead actor in Ezra Crane has a small role. I've been hearing good things about it.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

I hope it's good, the sets look great, but unfortunately I can't tell anything else..

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