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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 03.22.08] Tuvalu apocalyptic news scifi

So word on the scifi beat is that David Eick, the writer/producer of television's Battlestar Galactica and the now officially defunct Bionic Woman, is working on a pilot to launch a proposed new TV series based on P.D. James' decidedly apocalyptic novel Children of Men. Of course many of you will remember the very controversial big screen adaptation by Alfonso Cuaron which, despite playing loose and easy with James' original characters and story, was pretty darn edgy in my book and remains one of my favorite films of the last couple of years. But, will this new project stay truer to the original source material? Find out after the jump.

Said Eik in an interview with scifi wire; "It's really taking root more in the origins of the novels in that it will focus on the cultural movement in which young people become the society's utter focus... Much like our culture, whenever Lindsay Lohan does something [and] it becomes the headline of every news show, it's about how, when you don't have a responsibility to the next generation and you're free to do whatever you want, where do you draw the line?"

For those of you who still need a synopsis of James' amazing book here ya go:

"Near the end of the 20th century, for reasons beyond the grasp of modern science, human sperm count went to zero. The last birth occurred in 1995, and in the space of a generation humanity has lost its future. In England, under the rule of an increasingly despotic Warden, the infirm are encouraged to commit group suicide, criminals are exiled and abandoned and immigrants are subjected to semi-legalized slavery. Divorced, middle-aged Oxford history professor Theo Faron, an emotionally constrained man of means and intelligence who is the Warden's cousin, plods through an ordered, bleak existence. But a chance involvement with a group of dissidents moves him onto unexpected paths, leading him, in the novel's compelling second half, toward risk, commitment and the joys and anguish of love."

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bad dog (14 years ago) Reply

The movie was amazing. Definitely in my top 10 over the past few years. I tried to read the book but couldn't even get through it. Fantastic premise, horribly boring and unsympathetic characters and writing. It had none of the edginess that the movie had, so if the TV show is based on the book, which today is considered very safe material, and not the movie, which today is considered scary, sleepless material, then count me out.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

I still can't get past the Outer Limits episode , so I'm with you.


YOMOMMA (11 years ago) Reply

The movie was a piece os SH*T to subtle for the retard american morons so it was turned into a COWBOY movie no more PLEASE.

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