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quietearth [Celluloid 03.20.08] movie news drama

Actor Sergio Rubini (The Passion of the Christ, The Talented Mr. Ripley among many others) who also does a side stint as a writer and director brings us a new film with some severely stunning Italian cinematography coupled with a storyline to match. It's about an art critic with a mephistophelean plan, a muse, and an artist looking to get his big break. This is set to drop in Italy on March 21st. Let's hope we get this stateside soon. Trailer and synopsis following.

"Lulli is a noted art critic. He is in a relationship with Gloria, the young, beautiful daughter of a dear, deceased friend, but it comes to a quick end when she leaves him for Adrian, a tormented artist still looking for his big break. Instantly Lulli finds himself with a single thought: to ruin Adrian. And he sets about doing so through a terrible, diabolical plan.... Just how far can we manipulate another person?"

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