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Hal MacDermot [Celluloid 03.19.08] scifi

The classic sci-fi author, Arthur C. Clarke, aged 90, died peacefully yesterday morning at his home in Sri Lanka. Best known for the book and film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was the author of around 100 books. Arthur Clarke was a visionary so far ahead of his time, he tried to patent the idea of communication satellites before Sputnik was even on the drawing board. I'll never forget when I was a kid, using a flashlight to read his "Rendezvous with Rama" under the duvet, after my parents said "lights out." A legend in his time and a prophet of space travel. Arthur C. Clarke: R.I.P.

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lazy-assed destroyer (12 years ago) Reply

He was ahead of his time. There is a guy where I work who is Sri Lankan and he will be missed as a long term resident apparently.

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