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quietearth [Celluloid 03.18.08] post apocalyptic movie news drama

Having received confirmation from impresario Scott Goldberg that A Loss of Hope is indeed post apocalyptic, it is now our turn to share it with you. Let him tell you in his own words what the film is about: "Nuclear War has put the world in a state of hopelessness. The film focuses on a man and his memories of his life and how life used to be before the attacks that were unleashed, possibly by his own government. As nuclear winter sets in, the only thing that can keep him alive is his memories of better days from the past." To further qualify that, the main character played by Paul KratKa, hides out in an unused basement with his daughter. So it sounds like a poignant emotional tale against our beloved PA backdrop. Currently in production, A Loss of Hope is scheduled to hit film festivals this coming fall/winter and will also be online (yay!). So for right now, there is no trailer as it's still being shot but Scott told us we could expect one for this summer.. but there are some stills we nabbed from their myspace page following, so check em out!

A Loss of Hope myspace page

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