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quietearth [Celluloid 03.18.08] movie news action

The first feature from writer/director Özgür Yildirim looks mighty fine, and it's shining too, bling. "Chiko wants to make it all the way up to the top. He and his best friend, Tibet, think that money, power and respect is all that counts for two young guys of Turkish background in the suburban ghettos of Hamburg. Chiko uses his ruthless wits to catch the attention of Brownie, the drug lord who controls everything the two friends dream of. Chiko fights for Brownie’s trust and respect and eventually becomes Brownie’s right hand in the local drug underworld. But when Tibet crosses violent Brownie, Chiko finds himself in a dangerous situation. Everything he has risked his life for is at stake: his reputation, his status, and his friendship with Tibet." Soon to premier in Germany, hopefully we won't have to wait long for a taste. Oh, and it has Moritz Bleibtreu (aka Manny) from Run Lola Run. Trailer following.

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