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quietearth [DVD News 03.15.08] news dvd action western

Danger After Dark continues to roll out the love with a modern day western gangster mashup out of Denmark by writer and director Shaky Gonzalez. In the tradition of filmmakers Sergio Leone and Robert Rodriguez we get lots of gunfights and violence, and a hidden sum of 5 million kroner. This will be playing at the upcoming Philly Film Fest in the DAD lineup which was just announced, and now you can own it on DVD April 29th! Synopsis and trailer following.

"Saddle up for a no holds barred, big city shoot-‘em up that pays homage to the operatic violence of filmmakers Sergio Leone and Robert Rodriguez. In this modern day western, rumor has it that notorious gangster Frank Lowies hid millions in cash before getting tossed in the slammer. Going on little more than cryptic tattoos on a sexy stripper’s body, every gunslinging scoundrel in the desert hot town of Copenhagen is on the hunt, their brows dripping with sweat and blood, and their pistols blazing in unflinchingly graphic showdowns… but where the hell is the money?"

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