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Hal MacDermot [Celluloid 03.14.08] movie news horror

When Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of crazy and brilliant heavy metal band Iron Maiden, co-writes a movie, I gotta take notice. Directed by Julian Doyle, Chemical Wedding is a supernatural horror film that tells the story of a shy professor (Simon Callow) at Cambridge University, England, who brings evil occultist Aleister Crowley (also Simon Callow) back to life. In a move kind of reminiscent of Jekyll and Hyde, the wussy professor actually transforms into the sexually depraved but strangely attractive Crowley, and goes onto kick butt all around the hallowed halls.

The soundtrack is provided by Dickinson and Iron Maiden. Posh students getting messed up by a Satanist to the sound of Iron Maiden? Yes please, sir. Don't know too much more about the flick, but Iron Maiden fans out there can tell you that "Chemical Wedding" is also the name of their album released in 1998. That album took its inspiration from the classic but totally tripped out poet William Blake. I'm guessing it's all about the hallucinations. Another cool angle is that Crowley is a true historical figure (1875-1947). During his life he was known as "the Wickedest Man in the World."

All in all, this seems like a chemical cocktail I'd like to drink, or at least watch at the theatre. The movie is set to premiere at Cannes on May 17, with release in the UK over summer. Hopefully, it will make a splash and get distribution on this side of the pond too.

Chemical Wedding official website
via Marina at rowthree

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Terry (14 years ago) Reply

The screening of Chemical Wedding in Canne was just appalling I can't imagine that any body woould pick up this film for distribution, This is a strait to DVD and even there, I fill sorry for Bruce.

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