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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.12.08] movie news horror

Based on the Australian legend of a 19th-century escaped convict named Alexander Pearce who had a certain taste for eating his victims, Dying Breed looks to be an intriguing mash-up of fact and fiction as well as a film that could very well add itself to a growing list of hard hitting Aussie classics that are changing the face of horror. Synopsis and pics after the break.

A project that's been in production for 5 years, Dying Breed also boasts some great credits from Wolf Creek's Nathan Phillips as well as FX created by Justin Dix, whose credits include Rogue, Star Wars Episodes II and III and the surprise hit Storm Warning. No word yet on when we can expect a release Stateside, but the film is set to premiere down under on March 15th.

Synopsis: "DYING BREED revolves around a team of four (played by Phillips and Whannell alongside Australian actresses Melanie Vallejo and Mirrah Foulkes) who travel to Tasmania to establish the existence of the animal known as the Tasmanian tiger, which was thought to have been made extinct just prior to WWII. Along the way they encounter a group who might be the descendants of Pearce, and find themselves having to fight for their own lives."

News via Fangoria

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