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quietearth [Celluloid 03.05.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie news

"At the end of the world who will be hungrier? The living or the dead?" That sounds like a great start to Jose's PA zombie flick. Seemingly a tale of survival, it looks like one very lonely, hopeless tale. You know we dig this kind of stuff around here, so check out the two teasers after the break, synopsis, directors statement, and if you go to their website, under "Bled White Stuff" they have some cool t-shirts you can buy.

"The dead feast on human flesh and stop at nothing for it. The living, confined to the dark corners of the world, must do what it takes to survive. Dying is the only thing left to do at the end of the world. Now Ed, Matt, Joe, and Natalie will try to survive. Who lives depends on who kills first."

Directors statement: "Bled White was born out of a desire to work with Kelli. After we agreed to collaborate on a film, I drove back home and brain stormed all night for a story to write. Seven days later I presented the new screenplay, Bled White, to Kelli. I drew inspiration from such films as Carnival of Souls, Pulp Fiction, The Shining, and, of course, Night of the Living Dead. These films have left a great impression on me. They’re the type of films I respect for their ability to transport you to world you don’t want to live in, but love to visit. I believe Bled White will do this."

Bled White official website

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Jose gomez (14 years ago) Reply

Hey! Thanks for putting us up on your website!


Kelli Tidmore (14 years ago) Reply

Thanks a ton for posting us! We put tons of hard work and long hours in the freezing weather to make this movie happen! Hope you like......

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