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quietearth [Film Festival 03.03.08] movie news comedy drama

From Kidnapper films (how clever) is our next bit.. "It's the story of two perennial losers who want more than anything to be famous, popular, and successful. The only thing is, Terrence’s indie band is a joke, and Theo can’t get Truck Stop Hustler, his touching book about a young male prostitute, published anywhere. Things change, however, when they decide to print Theo’s book under the name of its fictional protagonist: KK Downey. The book becomes a sensation, with over-privileged twenty-somethings wanting desperately to identify with the tragic figure. Things have turned around for Terrence, who poses as the enigmatic KK, but at what price? Who is KK Downey? is a hilarious examination of media hype and hipster ideology as told by acclaimed Montreal comedy group Kidnapper Films." Check out the trailer (NSFW) after the break.

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