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Premiering at the Boston Underground Film Festival is Martin's next (and hopefully last, like in let's hope he gets the dough for some features) short, Poland Nights. This has been along time in the works, and in fact we have a trailer from his previous cut of the film embedded after the break, but as of now Martin is redoing the entire thing and as he said, "it's a whole different film." Upon inspection of the trailer I had previously called this "a deconstructed storyline with alternate realities and mutants", but who knows where it will end up now? I know it'll bear Martin's surreal trademark with a dreamy lack of cohesiveness, so let me just tell you what he said. "[The film is] Almost documental and the most personal film of the three. It's the story of a Polish girl from a small village that wants to become an actress for Universal Studios. The film travels both inside and outside her head between the fantasy world and the reality. The question is which world is the real one." And yes, Agneiszka Pekala from his other two shorts stars in this one. Enjoy the (previous) trailer and stills after the break!

Poland Nights official website

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