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quietearth [Celluloid 02.28.08] movie news horror

Yes, this may be a couple of weeks old, but that's only because I didn't notice Thora Birch was in it the first time around. While we generally don't do horror for horrors sake, I have to admit a serious affinity for Thora Birch, and not after American Beauty, but the more sinister and visually yummy Dark Corners. The director, Gideon Raff, did the film The Killing Floor which I haven't seen, but regardless I'll pretty much watch anything with Thora Birch in it. Did I say Thora Birch? Yeah, she's great. Enough of Thora Birch, let's talk about storyline which revolves around a group of American college athletes who find themselves on a dangerous train in Europe. Train will be dropping sometime this year, and the stills are following.

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renato (12 years ago) Reply

thora i love you

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