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quietearth [Film Festival 02.28.08] movie news drama

After checking this website for almost three weeks, all my hard work and egregious use of work time has finally paid off, there is trailerage! This is my #1 wanna-see pick out of SXSW this year because it revolves around two escaped mental patients who must add some new commandments before the human race gets wiped out.. See their on a holy mission, but the problem is one of them is schizophrenic, the other is borderline personality disorder, and they are getting chased by the self-proclaimed messiah. Sounds like one heck of a ride! Is it a road movie, is it a comedy, or is it madness? Probably all 3. So check after the break for full synopsis and trailer + 2 teasers!

"The world is coming to an end. The Heavenly Father himself, Don has sent his scribes, Sancho and Panza, to recover the original transcript of The Bible in order to write the final Commandments. The only thing is... Sancho and Panza have been in a mental asylum for most of their life! But in a world gone insane who's to say who is mad? This colorful and unconventional slapstick comedy follows the adventures of these two quixotic characters on a cross-country adventure in search of The Bible ...and themselves.

Thus begins a series of kidnappings, capers and goings-on that revolve around everyone's interest in finding God's Good Book . Picking up a tough, sexy girl along the way, they soon realize she's the New Messiah. Now even Jesus (Chris) is pissed and becomes involved in the ever-twisting plot in the quest to find The Book. Has everyone lost their minds? They're crazy enough to need psychiatric care but not nearly nuts enough to imagine God in the form of a Singing Cowboy with his own cross to bear! When their own past catches up with them these worlds collide and they are both forced to face fractured pasts and the devilish truth that will either free or destroy them."

ibid trailer
Lionel's teaser
Tin's teaser

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