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I just got a press release from the folks over at Lady Wasteland this morning, and while there is nothing about getting a possible tv or cable series, they will be moving forward with the project, including re-cutting the first 7 episodes into one as well as plans for future episodes! Check it out after the break.


Lady Wasteland - Series hits over 570,000 hits as of Feb 2008.

Portland, OR – Feb 27th, 2008 – After release of its final episode in the Lady Wasteland pilot series, Wasteland Films is continuing to get major coverage and front-page placement on many popular video sharing sites such as,,, and where it received three editor’s choice awards.

Promotions for Lady Wasteland are continuing and we’re finishing work on the final pages of the website. Soon we’ll be offering higher quality downloads of each video, wallpaper, ringtones and other extras.

Another addition to the wasteland is that we’ll be taking all seven episodes and running them together as a single story line... which would be about 22 minutes long. Maybe even edit in some new scenes…

Our future plans are to redevelop the series either into a longer web-based format with episodes ranging between 7-10 minutes long and/or expanding the series into a cable television show. All of this, of course, is dependent on the continuing support we've been receiving worldwide for the series

New scripts are being developed and if all goes well... we're going to start the series anew, possibly from scratch this summer. Longer episodes, more defined storylines... darker and grittier.

Lady Wasteland official site

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