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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.25.08] movie trailer news horror

Remember that cool looking little black and white Vampire film that quietearth alerted us to a couple of days ago? You know, the one that stars A.J. Bowen and cites some hefty influences like The Twilight Zone, Eraserhead and The Third Man. Well, the trailer just dropped along with a ton of exclusive pics, so check it out after the jump.

Just as a refresher, Maidenhead has been described as "Psycho in reverse," whatever that means, and stars Michael Parks (of Dusk Till Dawn and Kill Bill fame) as a reclusive guy who’s "taking care of his dad who just so happens to be a vampire." Now apparently, Michael Parks got back to the Maidenhead team within 1 day of receiving the screenplay which makes me think this might end up being somewhat of an interesting film.

Maidenhead official site

More pics and such over at Dread Central

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