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quietearth [DVD News 02.25.08] post apocalyptic news dvd drama

We're still waiting for a R1 release of this quasi-PA thriller which sounds like The Last Women on Earth, but for the adventurous with region-free players you can pick it up R2 with its original English audio and subtitles in Japanese. I assume they're not hardcoded, but the disc is wide-screen and in PAL format. "Sometime in the not too distant future. Terrorist attacks continue to escalate. Cities are the primary targets. William and his wife Jessica, flee the city seeking safety. Upon reaching their newly purchased ranch, in the middle of nowhere, they discover, Elias a Mexican ranch hand already living there. Just as the property dispute escalates to a dangerous level, a massive terrorist attack causes widespread, catastrophic destruction - the world, as they know it, no longer exists." Check after the break for link to trailer and DVD purchase!

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