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quietearth [Celluloid 02.21.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie news horror

Hey folks, Jason just dropped us a line to let us know his great looking 3-pronged feature is finished and we should be getting a release date within a month or so! He's also put up a behind the scene video on his myspace page which we've embedded after the break. For those of you who missed it, "Edges of Darkness tells the tales of three groups of survivors held up in an apartment complex during a zombie apocalypse. With their food supply dwindling, a vampire couple kidnaps a young girl. They intend to bleed her slowly to survive. Of course things don't go exactly has planned. Dean, an obsessed horror writer is hold up with his neglected wife, Dana. Dean keeps his sanity by burying himself in his writing. He installs a new processor to run his computer on their limited generator power, but soon finds out there's a high price to pay. Heather, a survival nut, rescues a young mother and her son from a horde of zombies. She takes them back to the complex. It turns out that the mother and son are on the run from a group of renegade priests hell bent on destroying the boy." There will also be a new trailer up in a couple of weeks, so we'll let you know..

Edges of Darkness myspace page
Official website
Our original post with 2 teaser trailers

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