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quietearth [Celluloid 02.18.08] movie news thriller drama

The question mark simply states what we don't know, how the tale will end. At one point in the trailer we see our protagonist Gary wearing a mask (seen in the poster) and holding a rifle. He's had enough of his drug-addled crime-ridden life and wants a change for the better, but can he pull it off on will alone? Synopsis and trailer following.

"A SONG OF GOOD is the story of 28-year-old Gary Cradle’s struggle for redemption after committing an horrific crime. During a desperate burglary to pay for drugs, Gary is confronted by a middle-aged woman. Cornered and scared he overpowers the woman and attacks her. Disgusted by this senseless assault, he flees home to where he lives with his retired father Ron.

After locking himself away in his bedroom, Gary decides to turn his life around, get clean and do some good in this world. Standing in his way is a simmering drug and alcohol problem, low self-esteem and a very motley peer group.

When his sister reluctantly asks him to look after his eight-year-old nephew (Lachie) they form a bond, but Gary’s attempts to keep Lachie safe in the world appears to be an insuperable battle as his demons draw closer. His struggle to get clean, get a job, avoid his drug-addled associates and help his father and sister won't be easy, especially while the woman he attacked lives right next door...

A SONG OF GOOD is a gritty and moving story of a desperate young man with few resources and even fewer options. Determined that things will only get better if he takes control of his life despite the odds against him, Gary discovers that deciding to change a life is one thing. Changing it is another."

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