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quietearth [Celluloid 02.11.08] post apocalyptic movie news dystopic

Currently finishing post on A Beautiful Life (based on a play) which stars Bai Ling, it looks like Chomski's next project will be In The Country of Last Things, based on the novel of the same name by Paul Auster. It's a story set through the eyes of our protagonist, Anna Blume, who is searching for her brother in a city which is crumbling. Buildings collapse daily and people are pushed into the street to try and survive. This sounds like a serious cinematic attempt at the post apocalyptic genre, and one which I am greatly looking forward to, but unfortunately at this point, I can't find much information. Shooting is tentatively going to start in Argentina at some point, and I just hope it doesn't end up like the dreary, and ultimately boring, Memoirs of a Survivor. I did find the synopsis off the production company website, so read on!

"In the country of last things tells the story of an imaginary country (Argentina), which used to have glory and wealth, but that for reasons that will never be understood, ended submerged in the most terrible misery. The inhabitants, who used to be prosperous professionals, merchants, or workers, kill themselves in order to get the few goods that are left in an incarnate fight for personal survival. In this atrocious setting, Anna Blume appears, a young girl that traveled to this country to find her brother who disappeared. Once there, she finds herself submitted to the same miseries as its inhabitants. However, she has someone to find and that makes a difference. In the middle of this chaos, Anna falls in love with another foreign journalist that seeks to save as much information as possible to rescue the history of the events they are living. These two desires give meaning to the life of these two characters and proves that, even under such hard circumstances, love is possible."

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ih (14 years ago) Reply

This looks like it could be really reallllyyy good. I certainly hope it's not a mainstream epic cinematic adventure like cloverfield and such. I think it'd be better as a surreal felt movie like city of lost children and lost city... now that would be cool as fack!


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

He directed the film "Feel the Noise", so it'll be interesting to see where he takes this one.. I hope he can provide the background necessary for the storyline.

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