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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.08.08] post apocalyptic movie news horror vampires

So word around the Quiet Earth water cooler this week is that one of our favorite Vampire novels of the last couple of years, Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder, is now under option by LA producer/screenwriter Richard Finney. The novel, which is also about to become a trilogy, will be seeing a film adaptation come 2008 and is apparently under development to become a TV series.

Often describes as "Dusk till Dawn meets Red Dawn," Derek Gunn's novel certainly gives the Vampire genre a much needed kick in the teeth, so we can't say we're surprised to see that tinsel town has caught on to the story's potential to wow genre fans looking to mix a little action with their horror.

Said Finney of his decision to option the Irish writer's cult Vampire novel: "It seems like we've [already] seen everything, but this novel puts forth a [new] take on the universe. The original concept will allow us as filmmakers to explore new terrain in the subgenre. Gunn's story also takes the sexy posturing out of vampires and turns them back to what they are: bloodsucking animals that feed on humans. We're very excited to be working with an author as clever as Derek!"

"The war is over and the vampires have won. The drying up of the world's oil resources leads to the fabled End of Days. Technology stagnates and communities grow ever more insular. With communication between cities liost and attention turned inward, the vampires rise from the shadows where they have survived for centuries and sweep across the glove. By the time word spreads it is far too late and Vampires enslave humanity and keep them in walled cities to breed.

The Vampires are masters of the darkness but maintain control by day through the use of Thralls, humans who have been bitten but have not yet crossed over, and whose inhuman lusts make daylight as terrifying as night. In the midst of chaos, a small band of rebels lead a terrified existence, but their survival is threatened by the Vampire's new scanning procedures."

Cool no?

Official Vampire Apocalypse website
Order Derek Gunn's book from Amazon

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