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A straight up martial arts film, Wushu is currently filming and stars Sammo Hung with Jackie Chan executive producing, and is directed by Antony Szeto. Wushu literally translates as "martial arts" and is a more accurate term then the widely used kung fu. While the trailer seems broken (at least for me) the movie promises plenty of action is is a coming of age feel good drama. Will there be spraying blood and physically impossible moves? I'm betting not, but it sounds sweet nonetheless. All after the break.

"A modern day martial arts coming-of-age feel-good drama, Wushu features rarely seen training of young martial artists in China. Set in an actual 3,000 student strong martial arts school in a remote part of Shandong, China, Wushu tells the story of Li Er - a talented teenage sanda fighter (Chinese kickboxing) who falls in love with a beautiful girl training in wushu (a martial arts form practiced by international action star, Jet Li). In order to woo her, Li Er goes against his coach’s desire to make him the provincial sanda champion, and takes up wushu instead. Li Er struggles with losing his sanda champion status to becoming a no body in wushu competition, while at the same time he tries to get his girl to notice him and not getting kicked out of school for his poor marks. Wushu will show real life martial arts, starring talented young martial artists, in their actual stark yet exotic location. The total budget for this beautiful and up lifting fight film is US$1.5million."

The following is suppsoed to be a trailer, but it isn't working for me. If it works for you let us know!

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Wushu completed shooting on 31 Jan 2008 and is now starting post production. The story is an uplifting tale about 5 friends studying at a modern Wushu school in China. There will be plenty of fight action with new action stars Wang Wenjie and Liu Fungchao. Look out for the new teaser coming soon on youtube.


Cesar (13 years ago) Reply

Quando esse filme vem para o Brasil?

avatar (13 years ago) Reply

this movie does a great depiction of the hardships of learning and competing in wushu. Never have wushu routines been caught on camera in such exciting way. 5 stars!

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