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quietearth [Celluloid 01.31.08] movie news horror

This has been bouncing around FOREVER, but I just checked on IMDB and last December it was announced that "Phantasm V is currently awaiting the end of the WGA strike to continue production. Until then, it remains in active development." WGA strike get over with already! Back in the day Reggie Bannister wrote a whole script based on like 2 cities left in America, with everything in between owned by the Tall Man, which is awesomely post apocalyptic. At this point though we have no idea where the story will be going, but there's more. Over at the fan site, Dustin McNell ordered something from and got an insert that said "Is another Phantasm sequel coming? Yes, no..., maybe? Stay tuned to for all the news in the Phantasm world." More hintage.. Check after the break for link to the insert at phantasm5.

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