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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.28.08] movie trailer news horror

It's been tough suppressing our excitement for Paul Andrew Williams' British horror comedy The Cottage but, good things do come to those who wait I guess, as thanks to the lucky lads at Empire the first fun filled trailer for the film has been unleashed upon the world. In previous interviews, Williams had mentioned how the balancing act of comedy and horror made it difficult for The Cottage project to see the light of day, but after watching the trailer, I'd say it was in good hands and I'm very much looking forward to this one.

Synopsis: "David and his youngest brother Peter arrive at a desolate cottage in the middle of the night. When Peter goes out to the car and opens the trunk we see an unconscious Tracey bound and gagged inside. Tracey is the daughter of underworld boss Arnie and they've kidnapped her for ransom. Not long afterwards a car appears at the cottage: it's Andrew, the black-sheep brother of Tracey who is hoping the money they extort will allow him to leave his domineering father's life for good. What none of them realize is that two of Arnie's henchmen, the Oriental Thugs, have followed Andrew to the cottage. They are desperate to inflict pain on the kidnappers but Arnie tells them they have to wait patiently. However, they never anticipated having to deal with somebody lurking in the darkness: The Farmer. Who will survive and what will be left? And what are those scraping noises coming from under the trapdoor in the kitchen?!"

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