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quietearth [Celluloid 01.28.08] movie news horror vampires

While running down the list of the films for sale at the Nordic Film Market I came across this beauty, a black and white arthouse vampire film out of Sweden which is Directed by Peter Pontikis. I say this because I found their blog complete with pics and a teaser, and though I don't know any Swedish, it looks incredible. I was able to get in touch with Producer Patrick Sobieski who was kind enough to send us an English synopsis, so check it out below the break. There'll be an English subbed trailer and more info from the Director after the NFM!

"One night two vampire sisters, Vera and Vanja, make a fatal mistake that forces them to run and fight for their lives while being chased by a biker-gang.On this particular night Vanja has also promised herself to share a life-changing secret with her sister Vera; Vanja is ready to try to give up the outcast vampire life, adjust to the real world and live amongst the humans. Vera, her sister, is frightened by a vampire-life in solitude and is willing to do almost anything to stop her sister from leaving her behind. At the same time the biker gang is closing in..."

Blog with teaser

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