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quietearth [Celluloid 01.22.08] movie news horror

It looks like vampires are picking up again, possibly on the heels of the whole zombie rampage, but I highly doubt this is your normal fare. After checking out some of the directors (F. Calvelo) work, I am highly looking forward to this. It's about a group of imprisoned vampires and one seriously sick dude. The teaser and a short synopsis follows.

"Santiago de Compostela; holy city is a secret prison for vampires. There they suffer their penance seperated of their community, opressed and condemned not to leave the city. Gabriel, a vampire who apparently is not affected by this curse of Santiago, fullfills his long condemn in an irreverent manner, organising clandestine parties and torturing girls, obsessed with the search of the purity. Until he finds Eva..."

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