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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.21.08] movie news animation fantasy

Even though we rarely talk about feature animation here at Quiet Earth (and comic book adaptations even less)I'm still looking forward to catching up with this adult oriented adaptation of the famous Turok series when the film hits DVD on February 5th.

Created by Tad Stones, the man behind Starz Media's other popular straight to DVD series Hell Boy Animated, the Turok film promises to be "easily as bloody as the video games, with a few beheadings and severed limbs" along the way. So between this and Steve Gold's upcoming Conan: Red Nails, us fantasy fanatics, who have been looking for product that doesn't completely pander to a juvenile demographic, finally have something to look forward to.

Extras on the DVD include a director’s commentary, and “Total Turok”, a short but in-depth look at the history of the character and the making of the film

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