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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.21.08] movie trailer thriller

I'm excited about Doug Buck's remake of Brian De Palma's 1973 psychological thriller Sisters for a couple of reasons. First, after some distribution missteps and a couple of years languishing in production hell, it's finally getting at least a release on DVD. And second, it stars Chloe Sevigny an actress who, since reportedly loosing quite a lot of industry backing after the whole Brown Bunny fiasco, has managed to make quite a comeback through amazing turns in a couple of my favorite works of 2007; Fincher's Zodiac and HBO's Mormon dramedy Big Love.

But the story doesn't end there. While we'll have to settle for home viewing here in the west, the lads at Fangoria are reporting that Sisters will be receiving a theatrical run in Japan, the distributor of which has set up a new site complete with a fresh trailer for the film. It's a bit spoilerrific, but if you're already familiar with the source material it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

The DVD is due out on region 1 DVD on March 11th.

Official Sisters Site
Pre-order the DVD from Amazon

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Raaz (9 years ago) Reply

The First 2 were great. I actually liked the 3rd one (maybe cause i alywas hated Cyclops). It had its issue but i didn't think it was bad.The 4th one was just such a let down. I may have just over hyped it in my head because it had almost all of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe in it, and messed most of them up. And the story sucked. It should have been such a great story and they just made it lame as hell. Less Ryan Reynolds, the dialogue mostly sucked. When i first watched it, i didn't mind it as much, but it's one of the movies i hate more and more every time I watch it. It really just should have focused on Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Maverick. It didn't need Blob, Bolt, Cyclops, Gambit, emma frost(?), and as much as i love him, Deadpool. I mean he was the ONE character they could have forced in there and made himwork really well, but they messed him up good. I can see Silverfox and Wraith cause they're in the original story. But the other ones cluttered it up. Maybe made the movie 20 minutes longer too so they could have told the story right.And yet i don't hate 3.

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