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quietearth [Film Festival 01.18.08] movie news drama

The cinematography in this is stunning and reminds me a bit of what was used in Paranoid Park with the bright and drab contrast, but it seems to be for the entire film. It looks like it's the first feature from director Dimitri Karakatsanis and looks like it will be quite a treat! Apparently it's getting a release in Belgium coming the 23rd of January, not to mention it's hit a couple of film festivals.

"Elena ends up in hospital after she has a car crash, in which her young son dies. And then she is suspected of murder, but she says she is innocent. She tells her lawyer an unlikely story about being kidnapped by an unknown David, who is alleged to have taken her along in his camper. On the way, they pick up the dumb Sarah, who travels with them through deserted and barren landscapes. Each of them has their own demons to fight, but they all lead to one and the same place."

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