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quietearth [Film Festival 01.18.08] movie news drama

Whoever wrote the descriptions for the lineup at Rotterdam compared this to Clockwork Orange which I thought was highly unlikely, but after reading the following storyline I'm starting to wonder..

"There come tedious tomorrows, the same world as yesterday. There I am, unchanged at all.

Ami, a girl who can't help cutting her wrist every night.
Ryo, a boy who doesn't go to school, shutting himself in home.
Hiroki, a man who's always carried away by others and never has himself.

I can't be real me, as never, unless I do something. But I don't know what to do.

I always hold down my unvoiced scream inside.
I hurt myself or others, that's why.
To fill my empty heart insatiably
I keep seeking riotous excitement.

Ryo kills his parents and goes to the city with a bomb.
Hiroki rapes a strange girl and tries to run away from the police.
and Ami.....

When their discharges come to one,
that lights the beacon indicating the collapse of this country."

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