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quietearth [Celluloid 01.15.08] movie news drama

In competition for the Golden and Silver Bear awards at the Berlin International Film Festival this year is a film from Johnnie To which has been in the works for 3 years. As information on this tends to be a bit scarce I figured I'd post it. All after the break.

"Nicknamed "sparrow", a pickpocket lifts wallet from unsuspected target with elegance and grace, like a sparrow fluttering its wings through congested cityscape. FAI (Simon YAM) and his 3 associates lead a carefree and playful life of pickpocket. When mysterious BEAUTY (Kelly LIN) charms them into stealing a key, the sparrows worry what they're getting themselves into, but accept the job when Beauty threatens to take her own life. Mystery builds as the sparrows go forward with their plan. At the rendezvous point, Hollywood Inn, BEAUTY and the key disappear all together. It seems BEAUTY carries many secrets, not least her relationship with the reclusive powerful tycoon, MR. YEN. The sparrows are playing with fire, although this knowledge hardly lessens their intrigue. Not after BEAUTY offers them the most precious reward in return - Love. She subsequently gives herself up to MR. YEN so the lives of the sparrows would be spared. The sparrows know full well what they have to do. If they can steal BEAUTY's passport from MR. YEN's chest pocket, they can set BEAUTY free. The challenge is on. On a rainy afternoon, MR. YEN strolls down a pavement amidst busy pedestrians. The sparrows are watching closely; and so is another group of pickpockets..."

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