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quietearth [Celluloid 01.13.08] post apocalyptic movie review

Year: 2004
Website: link (DVD for $16)
Director: James Cole
Writer: James Cole & Chris Daniels
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 6 out of 10

Being an Aussie flick I was expecting the accent to render half the dialog incomprehensible, but that wasn't the case. Instead, it was careful, almost plodding, which seemed to help the hopeless atmosphere portrayed. The acting and characters are well done, but a bit underdeveloped as this was only 49 minutes long. One can only guess what Director/FX guru James Cole might have in store for us with an hour and a half, especially after seeing some of his latest graphic work.

The aliens, called the chrysalums, emerged from their hiding and killed millions. Many more were enslaved through a highly advanced neurological implant. The Earth was slowly terraformed during a period called "The Black Earth", the aliens were going for nothing less then complete annihilation. Fortunately for us, our alien ancestors left instructions for an ancient space station, but when this was destroyed it seemed all hope was lost.

After the destruction, 2 people escape to Earth but only one lives, a female scientist. She is found by a warrior and his son, and from here are continually pursued by the chrysalums human robots. This leads to a running battle which forces them to confront what the world has become.

While James Cole's short may use dated CGI and plenty of star trek references, the plastic models are well done and certainly worthy of any time period. I can see myself having one of these ships sitting at my desk and paying more attention to it then my boss who wanders by saying "Nice of you to show up!" The sartorial style also adds some Daniel Boone hippie type flare. Really, if your a post-apocalyptic fan, this will need to be added to your collection. Maybe we can talk James into doing another PA flick, he's going to be back in the directors chair soon!

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Tommy Rocket (14 years ago) Reply

I have seen the flick, I was given a copy by a friend who worked on it. I think it's cool. He told me that James Cole wrote and made it with another guy on next to nothing (money wise) and that they always planned to eventually make the full length version on a real budget. I hope they do. I for one will go see it, I really like the story idea.

Thanks for your review

Live long and creatively
Tommy Rocket


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Glad you liked it! James just told me the other day he still wants to do this, probably as a tv show, but there are no set plans as of yet.


Tommy Rocket (14 years ago) Reply

That's cool. I'll be looking forward to that. Thanks.
Tommy Rocket

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