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quietearth [Celluloid 01.11.08] movie news noir crime

According to Twitch, this is not just a crime thriller, but involves fantasy and horror aspects, all with quite stunning cinematography (check out the staircase scene). Written and Directed by the Indonesian Joko Anwar, the film has received rave reviews. It's currently available on English subtitled DVD and I have to say the movie looks fascinating. I'll be giving it a watch. All after the break!

"Janus is having a bad day. His wife divorces him and he loses his job as a journalist due to his narcolepsy. But his last assignment drags him into a labyrinth of mystery and murders as he holds a dangerous secret worth dying for: the truth about the long-waited figure who will lead the country out of chaos."

Film website with higher resolution trailer
Order the DVD here

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