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quietearth [Celluloid 01.07.08] movie news drama

Don't let the ugly poster fool you, the visuals for this are amazing, akin to the heavenly What Dreams May Come. While no english subtitles are currently available, the trailer following gives you a glimpse of a man who lives in a fantasy world complete with butterflies and rainbow walls. Admittedly I'm not painting such a great picture for you, so just watch the bloody thing!

"A is a 29 year old mentally disordered individual diagnosed with atypical psychosis who has a strong imagination despite his low IQ. Loosing his mother at 7 years old, he has been living in a fantasy world where his mother’s still with him. Trapped in this fantasy land called CENNET (Heaven), he has spent a lonely childhood under the wings of his protective father. Behind all his affection for his son, father has been concealing a life altering secret about his son.

A, one day meets a beautiful girl and lets her into his dream world. As they happily start to live together in their CENNET, Tuba, a young scientist who’s been working on an experimental drug to help people with learning disabilities, shows up. To her, A is the perfect test subject."

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