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quietearth [Celluloid 01.05.08] movie news scifi animation

Using a reportedly "special" cgi technique is Metropia, which is currently in production in Sweden. This talks about a massive underground network in Europe, and I am fascinated by complex tunnel systems for some reason, so this sounds great! Let's hope we get more soon.

"METROPIA is taking place in a not-so-distant, terrifying Europe. The world is running out of oil and the net of undergrounds has been connected, creating a gigantic web underneath Europe. Roger from Farsta (a suburb of Stockholm) tries to stay away from the underground. He thinks it’s unpleasant and he sometimes hear strange voices in is head.

One day Roger finds out that his life is controlled in every detail. He tries to break free. To succeed he needs super-model Nina to help him. Or is it maybe Nina that needs Roger?"

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Nikita Kondraskov (13 years ago) Reply

This one is good, because it displays reality in reflection to a dangerous lifestyles, which is portrayed in a humorous way.

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