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quietearth [Celluloid 12.31.07] movie news drama

Also playing at PSIFF is another movie about bullying and this time it's from Estonia and it ends in bloodshed. Yes it won's some awards, and some trailerage after the breakage.

"Kaspar and the class pushover Joosep are 16 and life in high school isn't easy. Without meaning to, Kaspar defends Joosep against the bullying of his classmates, but every time Kaspar tries to helf, it backfires, with the class taking it out on Joosep. Kaspar just wants his friends, his girl and his unassuming life back. Joosep wants to regain his dignity and the chance to switch to a high school far away. But their classmates are relentless, going further and further with each incident. As it happens, Joosep's father is in the armed forces and he keeps weapons at home..."

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