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quietearth [Celluloid 12.29.07] zombies movie news

This sounds like a little more cultured zombie film, but without a trailer, we can't really be sure. I am really digging the foreign aspect on zombies, but then again, I have this almost morbid obsession with them. Well not the zombies per se, but getting to live in a PA world where I can be king and sport shooting is outside your window.

"A ten year old girl awakes alone in the middle of a devastating place, and begins to ramble by a contaminated land, in search of food and more people, but she only discovers that she's in the middle of a war where people are executed in horrible ways by the military covered with gas masks. Soon she will discover that the people who survive the mass executions are people which have severe infections on their bodies. She only finds company in other small children which have something in common with her, the recurrent dream of going to the sea. In search of this only objective the group of children will try to arrive at the sea, crossing by a city in ruins followed by the dangerous armed military."

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