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quietearth [Celluloid 12.27.07] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

We've been waiting on this it seems like forever, and it was just released as Biohazard X in Japan on December 21st. Unfortunately there is no set release date for the US or elsewhere (or at least that they can say), but Dennis Farris, the producer/editor and "Stick" in the movie sent me a bunch of stills, and wow does it look awesome! Synopsis, stills, etc.. after the break.

"Two convicts, held in an orbiting detention facility above a post-apocalyptic earth, are hired by mega-corporation Hunsinger to perform a risky salvage mission down on the planet. They land, and work their way into a gigantic underground industrial complex, following a map to their ultimate destination, to retrieve and salvage… the item. Being prisoners, they are given little info, and are given credit toward early release as payment. They get more than they expected, and things go from bad to evil."

Quicktime trailer

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