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quietearth [Celluloid 12.23.07] movie news noir

Love, gangsters, crime, and a real classy look. I hope the story's good. Check below for homepage, the pictures are stunning!

"On its surface, The Perfect Sleep tells the story of The Narrator, a man forced to return to the foreboding city he left ten years ago, the city where She lives. A decade before, he was caught in the middle of two families in the midst of a struggle worthy of the Montagues and Capulets; two families that are mirror images of each other, inextricably tied. A decade later, that struggle has reached an incendiary point.

On one side is the formidable Nikolai, the man who started it all, the man who raised The Narrator, a man awash in the bloodshed of the life he has created. On the other side is Porphyria, the woman The Narrator loves beyond measure.and her husband and her daughter.

Nikolai's adopted son, The Rajah, has brought the fight to another level by kidnapping Porphyria's daughter and attempting to kill the Narrator. In his failure to kill the Narrator, he has unleashed the one man capable of saving Porphyria - a trained killer who would rather die than see Porphyria even slightly hurt.

Gifted with an unnatural threshold for pain and punishment, the Narrator uses everything at his disposal to wage war against the forces of The Rajah and Nikolai in an effort to preserve the woman he loves more than life itself, the woman he can never have."

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