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quietearth [Celluloid 12.21.07] zombies movie news horror

If you have a fetish for gas masks (like one of our team members) then you'll love this! This no-budget horror was FOUR years in the making, that's a 4. Available on DVD January 8th. I do love me some zombie action, yeehaw! Trailer after the break.

"A small town is infected by a deadly virus and a frantic cover-up is taking place Three days after the initial contamination several Special Forces units are sent in on a mission. Their objective: to measure the effects of the virus and locate any survivors.

The team discovers that those that had survived the plague have become rabid, wandering the streets attacking those unaffected by the virus. Forced to take sanctuary in an abandoned house, the battle for survival begins "

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underground_slacker (14 years ago) Reply

Now the poster looks really cool, it would definatley sell the film to me, unfortunatley the video has the exact opposite effect, it looks old ,like a mid 80's b movie and the zombie seemed a bit rushed so its really put me off seeing it.


James Arnett (14 years ago) Reply

Arr! Wrong window open for my previous comment.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the first comment here. It's obvious that a lot of work went into this one and it looks like it's focused on the zombie action, like a good zombie movie is supposed to deliver.

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