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quietearth [Celluloid 12.18.07] movie news thriller

This translated as "House of the Dead", but no it has nothing to do with that. It looks more like a crime thriller, and for some reason the youtube teaser doesn't really show the full scope of this film, which doesn't just involve a kidnapped girl, but a large bag full of money. The writer/direct Alfred Lot has worked on quite a few films including The Transporter, and this will be his first time at the helm. Sorry folks, it doesn't look like this is hitting English anytime soon. Here's a google translation of the synopsis.

"In the middle of the night, in the midst of a wind farm, two unemployed computer overthrew a man emerged from nowhere. Beside him, a bag of tickets: two million, there, close at hand and no witnesses. What to do? Calling the police or take the opportunity? The next day, in a warehouse a few meters from the scene of the accident, police found the body of Melody, a blind girl. And if the money was intended to pay his ransom? The assassin he saw the drivers? The same evening, another child was kidnapped. Diabetic this time. Its hours are counted. Police lobby of Dunkirk, the countdown has begun. Alongside the lieutenant Moreno, a colleague very considerate, Lucia, a young brigadier of 26 years, participating in his first inquiry. And curiously, in the group crime, it was quickly feel that Lucie is not by chance."

Movie homepage with better trailer

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