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quietearth [Celluloid 12.08.07] movie news drama romance

This may be a bit old as it's from the last Cannes, but we were much smaller then and certainly can't ignore it. This looks quite stunning, and we can all agree Natalie Portman is great, she even converted the haters after she did SNL and smashed a chair over that dude's head.

Focusing on the director however we see a very seasoned film career. but most notably to me is 2046 which was a severe letdown, in fact I would have turned it off but I kept watching in hopes something was going to happen. This however looks much better and is actually portrayed for the storyline it is, whereas the trailer for 2046 implied something completely different.

"Based on a short film that director Wong Kar-wai shot in Hong Kong, the story tells of a shopkeeper who falls for a mysterious female client who eats blueberry pies. This young woman travels across America to find the true meaning of love, encountering offbeat characters along the way"

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