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quietearth [Celluloid 12.05.07] zombies movie news

As we all know, not every film makes it to global distribution, let alone even to the US, and this is one of them. A low budget apocalyptic zombie thriller (bordering on post-apocalyptic), All Peaches and Cream came out in what looks like 2003, and we have yet to even get subtitles! Knowing I'm a huge zombie fan, this seriously needs to be catapulted into the spotlight so we can get distro or at least some bloody subtitles. Lucky for us there's at least some trailerage. Also, here's a synopsis translated with google straight off the movie homepage.

"The students Chris (Ellen Koch), and Gianna (Nadine Meder) and her fellow Tycho (Thomas Eisele) live in an old house for rent. One day she followed a strange smell attention from the cellar of the house to. As she is of her landlord Mr. Hammer (Frank Eisele) must know, is the basement has been closed for many years, because terrible things have happened to him. But their curiosity is piqued. Against the will of Chris they decide the cellar of a thorough investigation to undergo… and they make a terrible discovery. Only barely escaped Tycho Chris and the things that are there, they are waylaid and their curiosity Gianna must even pay with their lives. But it is even worse… time with a diving everywhere zombies. Tycho and Chris make their way to get an impression of the situation and getting down to the survivors. But the world seems to leave… where they go, waiting for death. This is changing, however, as to the young woman Yosh (Marion Eisele) meet, which connects the two. To make it three on an odyssey through a destroyed World. But soon sneaks mistrust in the small group… someone plays a bad game?"

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