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anglebender [Celluloid 12.04.07] post apocalyptic news short

Hi! My name is Dave Kellum and I'm the writer and director of the film Ambassadors Day, and I occasionally write articles for this website. You may have seen the link to pre-order it in the upper right on the main page of Quiet Earth, but I've gotta say I screwed up. First my FTP refused to be uploaded to, then I lost 70 GB of data. Oh noes!! As a result, the Ambassadors Day DVD will be released on the 4th of December instead of the 27th of November. I spent quite a bit of time getting all this supplemental stuff for you to enjoy:

- The movie itself for crying out loud!
- Behind the scenes photos.
- The teaser and the trailer.
- Tons and tons of concept art.
- A longer cut of the movie with very few visual effects and no clean audio. It's on the DVD somewhere...
- Cast and crew bios.
- "How Things Came To Pass", a series of stills explaining the 20,000 years of history before Ambassadors Day takes place.
- Optional storyboard track running in the lower right.
- Optional Director's commentary.

I spent so much energy getting all this together, I actually turned myself inside-out and now I'm in a hospital recuperating. To help with my medical funds, please give to the Dave Kellum Outside-In Recovery Trust by getting a copy of the film today!

Purchase the film here
Our initial announcement + synopsis and trailer

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