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quietearth [Celluloid 12.03.07] zombies movie news action

The director of Midnight Meat Train, Ryuhei Kitamura, has written a new story called Boiled Blood that he will also be the executive producer on. Think of the zombie samurai flick "Versus". According to IMDB this is "optioned", I'm guessing by one of two companies, but that doesn't really matter. It has a 2009 date listed and sounds simply tantalizing..

"The USAF radar system recognizes an UFO. Scrambling to the object, an Air Force officer encounters the unknown flying object and prematurely opens fire. The UFO crashes down into the middle of a village festival. As soon as the village people witness the falling UFO emitting bright light, they suddenly start to writhe to death. A while after the incident, the dead village people start moving around as living dead. Everyone in the village were turned into zombies by the UFO’s strange light.
There are people who somehow get to the worst place at the worst time. A couple who stole money from the mafia. Mafia gangs who are chasing the couple. A detective and criminal chained to each other. A high school girl who got run over by a car right before the UFO fell and did not see the light. And a special task-force coming to take care of the “worst situation.” What is in the UFO? In the completely enclosed small village, a battle for survival is about to rage."

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