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quietearth [Celluloid 11.26.07] movie news horror

Originally slated for completion in 2007, this got pushed back due to casting schedules (at least IMDB says so) and is now in pre-production, going for a release in 2008. Starring Danielle Harris, who played the Sherrif's daughter in Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, this looks pretty tasty.

"For their Thanksgiving break, seven college students plan a weekend getaway to celebrate the holidays. When their car breaks down, the group is forced to spend the night in the small Smokey Mountain town of Chapman awaiting the necessary repairs to their car. Upon their arrival in Chapman, the stranded students learn that the town is occupied by one lone family. This family is the town's name-sake. The town of Chapman has a deserted silence and its stench emanates from a mysterious mill. The town is the self- proclaimed road kill capital of the world. This title is their claim to fame. The students find a place to stay in Chapman's only motel. The stranded group begins to disappear one by one. The group begins to realize that the smell might not be the only thing rotten about the town."

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