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quietearth [Celluloid 11.25.07] movie news action

I got email today from line producer Blake Faucette about the final poster for the Micah Moore (who directed the upcoming action PA flick Superhuman) action gangster thriller, Dogs of Chinatown. This film is apparently going to the AFM film market.. nice. I'm still looking forward to seeing his PA style. Trailer below the poster.

“Dogs of Chinatown” is an artsy gangster action flick. This is the debut feature film written, directed and shot by Micah Moore. Production crew also includes Blake Faucette (producer), Jesse Knight (key grip) and Andy Coon (behind-the-scenes). The film features martial arts action by Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel of The Stunt People, a great choreography crew from San Fransisco. Eric Jacobus and Huyen Thi play star-crossed lovers caught in a dangerous affair while a war rages between the Italian Mafia and Chinese Triad.

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