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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.16.07] movie news horror slasher thriller

One thing I really enjoy is a low budget independent film with really well done gore. I haven't found a lot out about this film, but from what I have come across I think that slasher/splatter/gore fanatics will be pleased. There haven't been too many exploitation films of late that have been that good. I have my hopes up for this one. I will post any new information that I can find regarding this film and will hopefully be able to review it for all of you as well.

Plot Summary:
"Six friends plan a nice vacation into the mountains where they can all have a good time before their lives go their ways and everything for them changes. What they expect though is that waiting for them lurking in the shadows are "the most evil, the most vile, rejects of humanity that's addicted to violence and thirsty for blood!" Who will make it out alive?!"

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