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herbertwest [Celluloid 11.15.07] movie news horror

Some great news just in time for the holiday's, comes the new mythical themed horror film Krampus. From Director Christian Cisneros (The Trunk) and starring Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel) and Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers), Krampus is a modern re-telling of an old Austrian tale of the anti Saint Nick. It's about what awaits the children of the world who do not make the good list, and that is more than just a lump of coal. This should be a very interesting project as it is the first major modern day telling of the too often forgotten companion to Father Christmas. Krampus expects to start filming in spring 2008.

"A 7 foot tall, cloven hoofed, goat-man. Draped in chains and flickering his 12 inch forked tongue, the Krampus storms through the Black Forest, searching for his prey. He follows St. Nicholas over the dark landscape looking for those that have failed to be righteous. His target is the child. The whiner. The pouter. The mischievous brat.

Under the cover of night, the Krampus spirits the accused to his lair, deep in the hollows of an ancient, evil tree. There he prepares them by tenderizing, marinating, and seasoning them to perfection. He dines on their soft flesh, sucking the juicy marrow from their delicate, sweet-flavored bones."

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Me (14 years ago) Reply

This is stupid. Krampuses aren't about cannibalism. Krampuses are about repressed elements of the psyche. Mostly about sex. Foot long tongue, hello ?

Get a Krampus clue. Unless the core sexual element of Krampousity is incoporporated into this looming disaster of a movie, you can kiss your visions of sugarplum success bye bye.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

What I cannot stand is when someone puts sex and boobs in a horror movie and call it such. To me if you use these, then you failed as a horror movie. Horror is so much more, but people have been blinded by these movies and they have lost focus. Marketing sex in horror is a cheap way to get kids and premature adults to watch your film, which makes me sick. Sometimes there might be moments to use these things but every 5 minutes is stupid. I have a feeling krampus is going to be back to the old horror roots and give kids and adults something to be scared about again. A much needed help to the horror movies of today.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

No where in that above summary did anyone referance the Krampus having sex with anybody. The Krampus eats bad kids, period. No sex angle.


Leni (13 years ago) Reply

Hey guys...

I'v read all your comments and I got to tell you something about the Krampus: Here in Austria (and I'm from Austria^^ so I gotta know that) it doesn't represent any sexual stuff or anything else....
Krampus is made to punish bad kids and to banish the bad winter ghosts....
The tounge doesn't matter anyway and all the chains and cow bells are simply existing to make loud noise so the Krampus can scare them to hell...

Greetz from Austria


Krampus fan in Vancouver (13 years ago) Reply

I hope you do some research. Krampus is way cooler than what you are proposing. It's more about consequences, not just pure evil or sex. Check out 'Xmas With Krampus' song by, Les Barons.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Hey guys!
Another comment by a genuine Austrian ;)
I totally agree with my predecessor - nothing sexual about the Krampus - also the suggestion seems pretty stupid. The tongue rather seems demonic than seducing or phallic or anything in my opinion.
I don't think the Krampus is meant to banish Christians life.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

lol who has their mind in the gutter here. thats like saying the good fairy in tales is a subtle rapist because shes got a wand and is being too friendly.

and hey hes not eating children in all versions in some he just puts them into his bag and lets them do chores... :P

when i was little dad actually invited nikolaus and krampus to our home and he shook his chains and poked me with his broom for being lazy. oh yeah i should totally charge him for sexual abuse and stuff but then he might put me into a bag for real and throw me into a lake :D


Nicole (6 years ago) Reply

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